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  1. - No static trader locations, a set amount with a chance to have traders spawn around the world that you need to find (preset locations); - All trader items have unique damage states, rarity, price, attachments based on the configuration we have in place; - No safezones for any trader zone; - Loot decreased to cater to a more hardcore playstyle, lifetime of base building items increased by 25%; - GPS device still carries over, same as the 3PP server; - Ability to customize startup player more in detail than 3PP but no gameplay advantage items; - Players won’t be able to select their spawn point, but rather see possible spawn points on the character creation screen; - Zombies increased; - No crosshairs, forced 1PP camera, new FOV options added.
  2. - 3 static trader locations (Altar, Green Mountain, Staroye) *locations are subject to change*; - a select amount of items spawn on each trader, based on its configuration and odds - Party system linked to GPS device you come across looting; - Map system linked to GPS, static trader locations are marked on the map; - Loot is increased slightly, lifetime of base building items reduced slightly; - No unlimited stamina, but extended stamina (3 minute of full sprint speed) and faster regen; - Increased zombies, zombies have a chance to drop rubles; - Ability to select spawn location from a preset position, each with unique configured cooldown; - Ability to customize startup character (clothing and cosmetics only); - Miscellaneous features: auto run hotkey, and a lot of small improvements to existing vanilla features. - 3PP camera
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