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Found 2 results

  1. DaOne

    DayZ Namalsk

    The long awaited Namalsk Terrain & Survival mod created by Sumrak (Adam Francu) current lead developer of DayZ Standalone at Bohemia Interactive, is soon due to release on the DayZ community Steam workshop! With only 5 days left for the planned release, we are excited to relaunch our survival servers with Namalsk! Keeping the authentic Hardcore experience that Sumrak has created, we will be hosting the setup the author has created meaning lite mods AND additional servers that will offer our own unique additions that you may have seen before on our previous servers! Make sure to join our Discord server to stay up-to-date or sign up to get notified when the servers go live! What Does Namalsk offer? (Screenshot credit: @adamfrancu) Survival is harsh on Namalsk there is no doubt about that. With the cold climate and scarce resource, you are challenged with the choices you make each life. You found a can of food? Great! well its time to start defrosting it because it will be FROZEN. Read more about Namalsk Survival Features What we offer in terms of modded content: - Character creation screen (Choose how your survivor looks on each life you start) - Navigation tools (Coming across one of these bad boys will ensure you never get lost and keep track of other survivors that own a device, remember to be considerate with the battery life!) - Group system (Keep your GPS handy, its a powerful tool for survivors who take on adventures together, stay connected, access digital map and place markers) - Survivor camps (As you adventure and explore the island of Namalsk, survivor camps and small outposts can be found that may offer you items for trading either for a currency or valuables. Keep in mind though, there are no safezones that provide "godmode" or other silly things you usually see associated with a trader. There are no limits or enforced gameplay preventions in terms of loot, meaning the trader is either a lucky find to get you that extra loot or a massive risk into loosing everything you have. Stay safe, as some survivors are less civilized compared to others...) - UI / HUD modifications (A visual cosmetic change that we believe offers better visibility of icons and introduces customizability, you are able to move the icons and place them where you wish)
  2. Since the introduction of DayZ patch 1.07, I have been thinking of what I could introduce into Vanilla Plus Plus(V++) Deathmatch that would give players something to work towards and keep players interested in playing on the server. Over the last eight months, we have heard plenty of complaints from players who do not like the way the starting equipment functions on the server, and I hear you loud and clear. Currently, the server's starting equipment system works off of RNG, and every time you spawn a player receives: A primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and a clothing set. This data is server-defined and can be changed at any time by Mark and myself. From speculating for countless nights, I understand that regardless of the changes that we can make to that data, it will randomly leave players with poorly constructed load-outs which the player may not be used to, and unfair engagements with the other players on the server. With the next patch of VPPDM, we will be integrating leveling and experience tracking. With these features in place, I will be able to introduce a system that allows players to unlock weapons and clothing. I hope to combat the randomness of the load-out system with a progression system that will allow players to pick their load-outs with the firearms, and clothing they unlocked from leveling. However, before we get to that point, we must first test the leveling and experience systems to make sure they are stable and suitable solutions for the issue at hand. Over the next week, we will be testing the leveling and experience system, and there will be absolutely no change to the way load-outs work at this time (Sorry). If we can complete our testing, we will go forward with making the load-out customization portion of the update, and the old load-out system will change. Fair warning, I will be resetting level stats whenever we release load-out customization. Day 1 Experience System Reflection: After this morning's release of DayZ patch 1.08, it is clear that the experience and leveling systems do not cause any issues and it is stable. Also after many hours of being at almost max capacity on every server, I've only seen two crashes on two different servers. I feel these issues have been identified and will get resolved very soon as I do not wish to kick a fully populated server for an update, and the crash doesn't happen often enough to justify it. Soon we will start the creation of the unlockable side of the experience system, but this is only the first day of the test, and things could easily change tomorrow. Before the patch, we could keep the server up for large spans of time without a restart, so we are aiming to keep that track record. Stay tuned for more! Thanks for playing!
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