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  5. Did...you..scroll up to see my response? lol
  6. I have the same issue any way to fix?
  7. Trouble with profiles folder, sometimes our mod fails to cache the server list so you need to do an extra step. Using the launcher you use to start the game (official or DZSA) add (activate) the following parameter: For DZSA: go to the settings tab, find additional parameters field and add: -profiles=MYNAME For Official DayZ Launcher: Navigate to PARAMTERS tab, then ALL PARAMTERS and activate "Profiles folder" under the ADVANCED section, write MYNAME (replace with anything you wish)
  8. Anyone have issues joining either v++ 1pp or 3pp server's I am able to join but I'm stuck at the menu just chilling by the fire I don't get an option to join. Any feedback is appreciated thanks.
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