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  4. Thanks for the feedback Roxannex, you are 100% correct. The meta is indeed "Vote day" all the time. I have noticed that, we have to come up with a solution. The voting screen will need a revamp to include more detail, pictures perhaps that indicate the time of day, also include a new type of voting for weapon types. At the same time, implementing a measure to counter the consecutive voting for "Day Time". Meaning the vote would rotate after 3 or 4 times played consecutively. There is a medium sized audience that wish to play with vanilla weapons and attachments. I know democracy is not the solution to all the problems, but might as well try Here's an example of what i mean with the vote screen:
  5. Love the servers and all... But my issue is the deathmatch servers have the option to Vote Day or Night.... Maybe take a look into it but over the last 4 months of me playing pretty often and more long periods of time there has been not one single night match, and honestly there's not reason for you guys to have the option there to get hopes up when the "meta" votes day and trash maps. I believe there should be something put in to ensure the odd night match. otherwise might as well remove it all together.
  6. We use your steam profile name to set your in-game name. If you wish to change it, rename your steam profile.
  7. How does one go about changing their in-game name?
  8. You are warned multiple times automatically when a bad word is used in chat, if you continue to do the wrong thing you will get granted an automated temporary ban. exercising your freedom of speech on a deathmatch server global chat is probably not the best idea.
  9. RickyMac


    how do i join the server theres no play button im just sitting by a campfire
  10. blasphemy! how dare you talk to the 420Hicks that way! lol
  11. DaOne


    First of all, you are the former God Of DayZ , second of all...you are right V++ is the best deathmatch to ever exist in DayZ, third of all...Survival coming soon 3rd Dec Thanks for your input Mr.IdeaMan also know as "That's no how volumetric clouds work T"
  12. TrE420Gaming


    First, and First of all, I am your DayZ GOD and dont you forget it! Second, I think we need to do more advertizing and get this survival server populated, I hate that only the DM servers are what V+ is known for. So I ask, why is it that V++ Survival isnt as popular as the shitty servers with 1000 mods? sound off!
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