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  1. We are excited to announce 2 new DayZ survival servers Hardcore & Casual mode! Server details: IP: [Casual] IP: [Hardcore] You can find our servers across all launchers, DZSA Launcher, Magic Launcher and Vanilla DayZ Launcher! •Unique custom made economy based traders, over 200~ locations around Chernarus of possible traders that offer loot. Traders on the hardcore server don't have SafeZones, trade safely trader_prev.mp4 •Custom chat (side chat, group chat & direct) chat.mp4 •Ability to change HUD status icons position and alignments hud_editor.mp4 •Loot economy edited heavily to create a unique experience on both servers (Casual has increased loot, Hardcore offers the opposite with a balanced integration of custom made traders) •New weapons and rifles imported from Arma 2 •Expanded weapon attachments (crafting & attaching of rails and scopes) Tons of changes in the background we have implemented that overall improve the modded experience, find out about them as you play! Got any questions? reply below or join our community Discord Server We are continuously building and creating more features, we love to hear feedback from you!
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